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How Healthy Are You?

Preventive Check-Ups: Because Life is to Enjoy!

In these troubled times, your health is more important than ever. Take some time for a comprehensive medical check-up. Go on a 3D journey through your body with our Total Body Scan®. 


Accompany. Attend. Recognise. We make preventive health care simple so that you can stay healthy longer.

Your Advantages at Prescan

Our Core Competence is the Total Body Scan®

This comprehensive whole body check-up can help to rule out tumour diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive insight into your current state of health in just one day. We have performed more than 13,000 Total Body Scans® so far.

No Waiting Time, Fast Appointments

Just give us a call and our Prescan team will coordinate all appointments, procedures and arrangements with the desired physicians. All examinations take place within a very short time. Our multilingual team will accompany you during the examination.

All in one day, quick results

All examinations regarding our Total Body Scan® usually take place within one day. Afterwards, you will receive an oral interpretation of your results from a physician. In addition, we will send you a written and digital report of all findings.

Experience and Professionalism

Our concern is your health and well-being. For years, Prescan has been cooperating with independent, highly qualified physicians and clinics in Austria. They will devote plenty of time because our priority is friendly and competent support.

What Do You Want to Get Checked?

Total Body Scan

Total Body Scan® Excellent

from 1,875 €

Total Body Scan

Total Body Scan® Standard

from 1,685 €

Total Body Scan

Total Body Scan® Premium

from 2,290 €

MRI Scans

Foot/Ankle Joint

from 390 €

MRI Scans


from 790 €

MRI Scans

Cervical Spine

from 480 €

MRI Scans


from 390 €

MRI Scans


from 390 €

MRI Scans


from 390 €

MRI Scans

Upper Abdomen

from 410 €

MRI Scans

Lower Abdomen

from 410 €

MRI Scans


from 390 €

MRI Scans


from 390 €

CT Scans

Heart/Calcium Scoring

from 530 €

CT Scans


from 410 €

CT Scans


from 410 €

Total Body Scan

Three Options Available

from 1,685 €

Laboratory Diagnostics

Premium Laboratory Package

from 290 €

Cardio Program Plus

Cardiovascular Check-up

from 445 €

Colon Examination


from 990 €

Urological Examination

Prostate Cancer Prevention

285 €

Skin Examination

Skin Cancer Prevention

240 €

Gynaecological Examination

Preventive Screening for Women

from 295 €

Examination of the Breasts


from 315 €

Allergy Scan

State-of-the-Art Allergy Test

475 €

Laboratory Diagnostics

Pharmacogenetic Analysis

1690 €

The Total Body Scan® – our innovative check-up for the whole body. Top preventive screenings in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg.

Fewer side effects with individually customised treatments

Individualised medication, throughout your life: Pharmacogenetic analysis contributes to the improvement of the safety of medicines by minimising the risk of serious undesirable side effects.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

Consultation Without Obligation

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help!

For Companies

Invest in your health as well as the health of your employees. Holistic medical check-ups help to prevent illness-related absences. They prove managerial foresight and motivate a healthier lifestyle.

Medical Check-Ups Can Save Lives.

Take responsibility for your health and well-being.


Preventive Check-Ups

Find out about your current state of health.

Our comprehensive full-body checks and individual examinations offer you certainty and insight into your current state of health within one day through state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and experienced specialists. Everyone is unique. Everyone comes with a different family predisposition. Everyone’s occupation and lifestyle are accompanied by different risk factors. Prescan is your partner for a healthy life. Customise the amount of your medical screening to your individual needs.

Get a Quick and Reliable Insight into Your Health Status.

What can you expect when you book a medical check-up at Prescan? We have compiled everything step by step; from admission and scheduling an appointment to reporting of findings and follow-up care.


Icon Consultation Anamnesis

Consultation & Information


Icon Information Preparation

Preparation & Anamnesis


Icon Examination Results

Examination & Results


Findings & Concluding Discussion


Icon Follow-up care

Treatment Recommendations

Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Prescan


Everything was great! Friendly consultation via phone! I got my results two days after my examination.

— Peter

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Spring Special exclusively at our Millennium Diagnostik location in Vienna.

-10% on all Total Body Scan® prevention packages.

The offer can be booked until April 24th, 2024, the examination appointments are possible until May 10th, 2024. The administration fee of €45 is also waived.