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Medical Check-Ups

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Just one call and all appointments, coordinations and arrangements will be made with the desired physicians. Without any prior waiting periods your examination schedule will be time-saving.
Personal Individual escort service from examination to examination. Our team is multilingual. Professional and friendly mentoring is our top priority. The doctors have time for you and your concerns. Prescan® cooperates only with independent and competent physicians and medical specialists.

Total Body Scan®

The Total Body Scan® gives you an extensive picture of your body.

The check-up examines the main vital organs and blood vessels by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sonography, and computer tomography (CT).

The goal of these examinations is to discover possible signs of common diseases (mainly heart-circulatory problems, vascular abnormalities, and the presence of tumours) at an early stage.

Total Body Scan

Opinions of our clients

As a referee I must react and judge correctly within seconds. So 100 % health and fitness is an absolute must!
Kurt Neuwirth

International Referee of the Austrian Ice Hockey Association

It’s a satisfying feeling to have been checked from head to toe. This comprehensive check-up is inspiring.
Mag. Alexandra Picker-Rußwurm

PR Consultant

Time is crucial for me. Prescan enables an extensive check-up within short time and gives detailed information on my state of health.
Michaela Frey

General Director, Auto Frey


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