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MRI Examination of the Knee

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What Will Be Examined During an MRI of the Knee?

We perform an MRI scan to take pictures of your knee joint. These visualisations help us to identify what causes your knee pain.

MRI Scan of the Knee

The knee joint is the biggest joint in the human body. It is fundamental for movement and carries the majority of our body weight. It is stabilised by strong ligaments.

The knee joint is subjected to certain types of stresses which can quickly lead to knee injuries, especially in people who play sports. A common sports injury is a torn ligament – a cruciate ligament rupture to be more precise, which is caused by excessive twisting of the knee. Another possibility is a meniscus tear in case of strong external stresses. A ligament tear, as well as a meniscus tear, are not visible on an X-ray. You need an MRI for an exact diagnosis.

Furthermore, the knee joint is one of the joints most likely to be affected by signs of wear and tear (arthrosis). An MRI shows the progression of the wear of the cartilage. This is necessary to find and give you suitable treatment options. If an artificial knee joint is inevitable, an MRI is used to prepare for surgery, to plan the right type and position of your artificial joint.

The following complaints may be a reason to have an MRI scan of your knee:


Causes of a swollen knee over a long time include moisture, rheumatism, or osteoarthritis.

If knee pain restricts the mobility of your knee, it may be because of osteoarthritis or capsular damage. Other causes are also possible.

If you have a stiff knee, you often experience numbness, tingling, creaking of the joint, swelling, and stiffness. This can be caused by fluid in the knee, osteoarthritis, knee stiffness, rheumatism, or an injured meniscus.

Exertion, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, or meniscus damage may cause – among other reasons – knee pain or a sore knee.

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MRI Examination of the Knee

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