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Genetic analysis for safe and effective medication

Fewer side effects with individually customised treatments.

Individualised medication, throughout your life

Pharmacogenetic analysis contributes to the improvement of the safety of medicines by minimising the risk of serious undesirable side effects.

Many people do not respond to medication as desired or suffer from side effects. This is because of the body’s drug metabolism, which is influenced by its genetics. Taking several medicines and drugs also increases the likelihood of incompatibilities and interactions.

With a pharmacogenetic analysis, your doctor can adjust the drug dosage based on your genetics, check for interactions of the different ingredients, and reduce side effects. Thus, the desired therapeutic success becomes possible.

Your advantages

  • Determination of your drug dosage
  • Reduction of side effects
  • Reduction of adverse drug interactions
  • Increased tolerability
  • Innovative, high-quality, fast, and safe
  • You will benefit your whole life from the analysis results!

The procedure of the examination

We will perform a pharmacogenetic blood analysis to determine your genotype. Your doctor will receive the results of this analysis approximately within ten working days. He or she will provide you with a detailed report on your genetic profile. On this basis, your optimal, individual medication can be permanently defined according to your needs.

Our PGx-Optimizer® is an innovative online tool for your personal treatment optimisation. Your doctor will activate your access after a detailed discussion of your findings.

Content and Price

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Genetic analysis for safe and effective medication

What to expect:

Examination duration
1–1.5 hours
Written findings

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