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As an entrepreneur, I have a responsibility toward my employees and partners. Thus, I have to be fit, healthy and efficient. With the help of Prescan, I can fulfil this task easily.

Elisabeth Frey

As a referee, I have to be able to perform at full capacity within a very short time. That is only possible if I am 100% fit and healthy. Therefore, routine medical check-ups are important to me.

Kurt Neuwirth

“The hardest part for me was keeping still and refraining from talking for 45 minutes while in the tube, otherwise, it was time-saving, straightforward and very comprehensive.

Tom Walek

It is simply a very good feeling to know about the physical state of your own body. I am thrilled with this comprehensive and time-saving preventive check-up and will gladly return to the practice.

Mag. Alexandra Picker-Rußwurm

The multilingualism of the team and the professionalism of the medical staff of a very well known and very well-equipped private clinic in Vienna make Prescan a very good choice not only for preventive check-ups but also for regular medical visits and follow-up treatments.

Alexandra Olvera

My compliments to Prescan! What do you get your beloved mother at a mature age? An old-age provision – off the beaten track, with the certainty of getting assurance. The care was perfect, the time management was great, and those who know the quality of the doctors can blindly trust the final medical result. Mothers and their loving sons can only recommend Prescan.

Walter Tr.

A few days before my check-up, my friend asked me anxiously: “Do you really want to know? Maybe you are missing something.” I replied that of course, I want to know. Only if you know you can do something in time. Of course, it’s just a snapshot and something can develop at any time, but I was very relieved by the result. The doctors haven’t found anything!

Liesbet Vandebroek

“In 1 to 2 per cent of the cases, we find something serious, for example, a tumour in the kidney or the lung. In addition, we regularly discover vascular disorders or herniated discs, but also blood values, for example, cholesterol or blood sugar, that are not all right.” With the screening at Prescan, you get accurate results that make treatment easier.

Dr. Gunter Klass

Leading a conscious life” – I’ve done so even before my scan, but afterwards I’ve realised again why it’s so essential. And if I should ever forget, I have all the images you get to take home at the end. A CD-ROM with all the pictures, including my absolute favourite: the three-dimensional, spinning shot of the carotid arteries, two huge glowing pipelines that keep branching out into smaller and smaller vessels.

Thomas Pelzel

I booked the Total Body Scan® because I wanted to know how healthy I am. In economic life, a situation analysis is quite common, after all, you want to know where your company stands. I wanted to gain the same insight into my health status, too and was pleasantly surprised. Not only the doctors didn’t find anything; but the conditions at Prescan were extremely pleasant: the latest technology, the advantages of a private clinic, doctors who take their time and an incredibly nice care team. Keep up the good work!

Otmar Paugger

Greetings from Moscow! Congratulations to the reference in the Russian Forbes Magazine. I am very happy for you because you put so much heart and soul into it. Kind regards!

Svetlana K.

Dear Prescan Team, Thank you very much for the competent and quick coordination and care. As a busy ex-pat, I have been a client of Prescan for 3 years. I can recommend it to anyone who wants a perfect check-up.

Adrienne A.

I suspected arthritis. The MRI showed wear and tear on my hip, but it also revealed a tumour in my colon. That was a big and unpleasant surprise for me. Meanwhile, a piece of my intestine was surgically removed. Fortunately, no other tissue or lymph nodes were affected. If I hadn’t had the Total Body Scan® done, the tumour might not have been discovered and I would be fighting for my life now.

Stef Loos

I booked a preventive MRI scan and was most pleasantly impressed by the welcome and coordination of my examination at the Rudolfinerhaus. The personal care and support as well as the entire medical team during and after the examination put me at ease and helped me to face the future with confidence. Thank you again!

Senta M. Wolf

Everything about Prescan was professional, friendly and first class. I totally recommend Prescan. They are thorough and the follow up discussion is clear and comprehensible. I’ll be back.

Bob Claire

Prescan offers first-class service: fast, efficient and friendly. I will gladly return for another health check.

Josef Hickersberger

It took an effort to travel to Vienna for a check-up at Prescan but it was worth it. Everything was very well organised. Thank you very much and greetings from England!

Leopold Stefan

Mr Haury and his team have been looking after my health for almost 10 years. Here’s to another 10 years and thank you!

M. J.

In the age of information, we know way too much about the possibilities of falling ill or dying without yet being able to be certain about our state of health. Because the system we live in only reacts when we are ill. Certainty is the only prerequisite for doing the right thing, whereas latent fear is a ticking time bomb that will make us ill for sure. There are technical means to counteract this fear. Simple and painless. Before it is too late. Compact and well organised in a pleasant atmosphere. It is timely and responsible for our family and society to do the right things before we fall ill. It basically goes without saying. Thank you for this facility and the careful and professional support!

Michael B.

My 70-year-old mother had to have some urgent MRI examinations and was scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for a few days. For a lady of her age, this is simply a tiring procedure. I am very happy that I found the possibility to do this at Prescan: simple, quickly and straightforwardly. It wouldn’t even have been necessary for me to accompany my mother, as the staff is always at your side to answer any open questions. We were at the clinic at 9 a.m. and left at noon – and everything was done. It really couldn’t be any easier. Keep up the good work!

S. Swoboda

Everything went like clockwork with the appointments and examinations. Unfortunately, my results were negative at the time (not foreseeable) and I was in shock at first. Mr Haury took care of me in a touching way; he not only gave me professional but also utmost human support, which helped a lot. Also, Ms Bürk stood very helpful by my side. I will be forever grateful for that. I am doing well at the moment and I hope it will stay that way in the future. Thank you so very much!


I would like to express my gratitude for your care: the whole examination process was perfectly organised. It is clear to see how well your experience with all the different parts makes this process possible in the first place. You gave me the certainty one needs when dealing with such a procedure for the first time. I cannot imagine any better support than you. Once again, thank you very much.

Viktoria B.

The examination was very positive, all the doctors, assistants and nurses were very friendly and helpful. Fortunately, all my results are fine and I am healthy so far! Thank you very much for your friendly care. I will certainly return for another comprehensive check-up in the future. Kind regards from Styria.

Anna Maria Meizenitsch

Dear Prescan Team, I would like to thank you for all your efforts regarding my dermatological examination! For years I suffered from problems with my skin, thanks to your examination and the treatment that followed, I no longer have any problems and feel well again. Thank you very much!

Thomas Belle-Mendoza

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