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Keep Your Company Healthy

It is of great value for a company to gain insight into its employees’ health status. Most people feel motivated when they know about their health status and potential risk factors and are willing to make adaptions to their lifestyle. All the risks that you identify now help you to avoid absences due to illness in the future.

Greater Commitment

Your employees feel valued by you, their employer. This leads to better motivation and a stronger commitment to your company. The costs are – in most cases – tax-deductible.

Managerial Foresight

Health awareness in society is increasing more and more. Many employees appreciate remuneration models that include corporate health care.

Fewer Absences

Corporate health care prevents sick leave in the long term and motivates a healthier lifestyle. Thus, both – the employees and their employer – benefit.

Insight in Health Status

Employees gain an insight into their current state of health. Early diagnosis offers a greater chance for recovery. Furthermore, our findings can lay the foundation for a deliberate and healthy lifestyle.

Your Partner for a Healthy Corporation

We conduct preventive medical check-ups for companies and determine the current state of health of your employees and the entire team.

You will receive an appointment very quickly. We will put together an individual examination offer based on a medical questionnaire. Our offer usually includes a full-body MRI, a cardiological check-up, comprehensive laboratory diagnostics, and – depending on the indication – a CT of the thorax.

Healthy employees are essential for a company. A company works well when its employees perform well. Invest in the health of your employees and you automatically invest in the health and future of your company.

Your Employees are Your Best Asset

If a key employee is absent due to illness for an extended period of time, the problems often go beyond the financial. However, this risk is not the only reason you should take care of your employees’ health. Health awareness in society is increasing more and more. Many employees appreciate remuneration models that include corporate health care. Such remuneration models signal that the employer is interested in the well-being of their employees. This is motivating. In addition, healthy employees are more productive, and better performance directly impacts the company’s success.

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Spring Special exclusively at our Millennium Diagnostik location in Vienna.

-10% on all Total Body Scan® prevention packages.

The offer can be booked until April 24th, 2024, the examination appointments are possible until May 10th, 2024. The administration fee of €45 is also waived.