Preventive Examinations

Urological Examination

This examination serves as medical screening and prostate cancer prevention.

What is Included in Our Urological Screening?

Medical screening for the early detection of prostate cancer.

Urological Examination/Prostate Cancer Screening

More than 6,000 men suffer from prostate cancer in Austria every year. About 1,215 die from the consequences of the disease. Preventive cancer screenings help to reduce mortality and increase the chances of recovery.

Prostate cancer very rarely causes symptoms at an early stage. The causes of prostate cancer are largely unknown. However, it is known that certain risk factors influence the onset of the disease. These factors are family history (cancer), elevated PSA level, pelvic discomfort, bladder voiding dysfunction, and being male over the age of 40.

A urological examination is currently the only accepted medical procedure for effective cancer screening and early detection.

PSA test: important information if cancer is suspected

The prostate-specific antigen, abbreviated PSA*, is a protein that is produced by cells in the prostate. It is a component of prostate secretion and serves to liquefy the semen. In small amounts, PSA also passes into the bloodstream and can thus be detected with a laboratory test from a blood sample. To do so a few millilitres of blood from the vein of your arm are sufficient. Most experts agree that the normal parameters for healthy men equal zero (0) to four (4) nanograms per millilitre of blood, abbreviated ng/ml. If your PSA level is below four nanograms per millilitre prostate cancer is not very likely. However, it also cannot be ruled out. For values above 1 ng/ml and below 4 ng/ml, we recommend regular check-ups in longer intervals.

*For a PSA test, sexual abstinence is recommended 3 days prior the blood sample.


Difficulty at the beginning of urination

Increased urge to urinate, especially at night

Blood in urine or seminal fluid

Pain in the prostate gland

Less strong erection or impotence

Weak or interrupted urine flow

Painful ejaculation

Rather Early Than Too Late

We love life. And we believe that medical screenings can save lives. Let us support you and your well-being – come for a preventive check-up before complaints arise.

Content and Price

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Urological Examination

What to expect:

Examination duration
approx. 30 minutes
Written findings

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