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MRI Examination of the Lower Abdomen

Find the causes for complaints in the lower abdomen.

What Will Be Examined During an MRI of the Lower Abdomen?

An MRI scan of the abdomen covers the prostate (man), the uterus and the ovaries (woman) as well as the bladder. All organs will be analysed layer by layer with a big magnetic field.

MRI Scan of the Lower Abdomen

With the help of an MRI scan of your abdomen, our physicians can detect or rule out abnormalities of your abdominal organs. Pain is usually caused by the intestines, prostate, bladder, or uterus. This can be accompanied by gynaecological issues (uterus, ovaries), prostate and erection problems, pain when urinating, or blood in the urine. Long-term complaints in the lower abdomen can point toward issues like cysts, tumour, or inflammation.

MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI scan allows physicians to take pictures of the inside of your body. The MRI scanner receives signals from the body via a large magnet and radio waves. These are converted into images by a computer.

The following complaints may be a reason to have an MRI scan of your lower abdomen:


A burning, stabbing, throbbing or cramping sensation in the right lower abdomen may indicate disorders of the colon, ovaries, or appendix.

A burning, stabbing, throbbing or cramping sensation in the left lower abdomen may indicate disorders of the colon like Crohn’s disease, or irritable bowel syndrome. Furthermore, the ovaries or fallopian tubes might cause the pain, i.e. an ovarian cyst.

A burning, stabbing, throbbing or cramping sensation in the middle region of the lower abdomen may indicate disorders of the bladder, uterus, or prostate gland.

Pain or a burning sensation when urinating may be caused by, for instance, an inflammation of the prostate or bladder, a bladder tumour, bladder pain syndrome, or bladder cancer.

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MRI Examination of the Lower Abdomen

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