Services and Prices

Prescan is transparent with all its services. Our price list contains an overview of the prices of our most popular examinations. We shall be delighted to create a cost estimate for your examinations conducted by your preferred specialist.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to settle the costs via public health insurance. If you have complementary or private insurance, reimbursement of the costs depends on the range of services of your insurance policy.

Total Body Scan® Standard (Vienna)1,685 €
Total Body Scan® Standard (Salzburg/Graz)1,685 €
Total Body Scan® Excellent (Vienna)1,875 €
Total Body Scan® Excellent (Salzburg/Graz)1,975 €
Total Body Scan® Premium (Vienna)2,290 €
Total Body Scan® Premium (Salzburg/Graz)2,420 €
Pharmacogenetic Analysis1,690 €
Cardio Program Plusfrom 445 €
Allergy Scan475 €
Colorectal Cancer Screening/Colonoscopy incl. Anaesthesiafrom 990 €
Gastroscopy incl. Anaesthesiafrom 890 €
Colon and Gastroscopy (including Anesthesia and Histology)from 890 €
Breast Cancer Screening/Mammographyfrom 315 €
Gynaecological Examination (cytological findings for an additional charge)from 295 €
Urological Examination/Prostate Screening285 €
Skin Examination/Skin Cancer Screening240 €
Laboratory Test (blood, stool, urine)290 €
Laboratory Test incl. Hormone Status495 €
MRI Examination Head/Skullfrom 390 €
MRI Scan Shoulder incl. Contrast Agentfrom 390 €
MRI Examination Cervical and Thoracic Spinefrom 480 €
MRI Examination Spine (overall)from 790 €
MRI Scan Upper Abdomenfrom 410 €
MRI Examination Lower Abdomenfrom 410 €
MRI Examination Pelvisfrom 390 €
MRI Scan Kneefrom 390 €
MRI Examination Foot/Ankle Jointfrom 390 €
MRI Examination Hipfrom 390 €
CT Examination Headfrom 410 €
CT Examination Lungs/Thoraxfrom 410 €
CT Examination Heart/Calcium Scoring incl. Contrast Agentfrom 530 €
CT Examination Paranasal Sinusesfrom 350 €
CT Examination Abdomen (upper and lower abdomen)from 580 €
DEXA Examination Bone Density Measurement105 €
Medical Consultation/Specialist Consultationfrom 265 €
Administration Fee per Final Invoice45 €

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