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Allergy Scan

Nanotechnology for your health. We find what is causing your allergy symptoms.

What Will Be Evaluated During an Allergy Scan?

Do you suffer from allergy symptoms? We find what is causing them. Our state-of-the-art allergy test analyses more than 280 parameters.

The Allergy Scan

Allergy Scan is the most up-to-date and complete testing method to diagnose allergies. This allergy test was developed based on the latest knowledge in nanotechnology to measure specific IgE and uses molecular allergens and allergen extracts. Thus, it can analyse more than 240 parameters very accurately.

Our Allergy Scan can be performed at any age and is also suitable for infants. Only a small amount of blood is needed for this test. It can also be performed during allergy therapy without interrupting it.

What Is an Allergy?

Allergies occur when our immune system reacts hypersensitively to certain substances. These basically harmless substances trigger an immune reaction. This is particularly unpleasant when new allergies occur in addition to an already known allergy. In this case, we speak of a cross allergy. If there are cross-reacting allergens in food, they can trigger a food allergy.

It is of great importance to get a profound diagnostic clarification and avoid triggering allergens. Life with allergies can be as stress-free as possible but only if you know your allergy status.

What to Expect:

Nanotechnology for your health. State-of-the-art procedure analyses more than 280 parameters.

Quick and simple blood collection, a 5 ml ampoule is sufficient.

Your advantage: No allergic reactions, itchy wheals, swelling, etc.

Anaphylactic shock can be life-threatening.

Particularly, a conventional prick test can be very unpleasant.

Rather Early Than Too Late

We love life. And we believe that medical screenings can save lives. Let us support you and your well-being – come for a preventive check-up before complaints arise.

Content and Price

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Allergy Scan

This will be examined:

Examination duration
approx. 30 minutes
Written findings

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