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MRI Examination of the Spine

Analyse causes for back pain and related complaints.

What Will Be Examined During an MRI of the Spine?

During an MRI, we take multiple pictures of the whole spine with the help of a magnetic field. That way we can visualise even the slightest changes in the size of five millimetres upwards.

MRI Scan of the Spine

An MRI scan of your spine/back can provide clarity about the cause of your back pain or, equally important, rule out certain causes. Oftentimes, the cause is easy to determine; possible reasons are (among others) heavy lifting, one false move or a fall. In the case of long-lasting back or neck complaints left untreated, something else may happen: Wear and tear of the vertebrae or a displaced disc. People often recognise a herniated disc only when it pinches the spinal nerves and causes the typical radiating pain in the legs or arms as a symptom.

MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI scan allows physicians to take pictures of the inside of your body. The MRI scanner receives signals from the body via a large magnet and radio waves. These are converted into images by a computer.

The following complaints may be a reason to have an MRI scan of your back:


Pain in the lumbar region, between the lower ribs and the buttocks. Such pain may be caused by overloading the vertebrae as a result of e.g. heavy lifting, sitting a lot, incorrect posture and long-term strain.

Pain radiating from the back, for example, into the buttocks or leg. There may be a painful or numb feeling and a tingling. It might sting, feel painfully cold or just burn. This may occur i.e. because of a pinched nerve or a herniated disc.

Chronic and severe back pain when moving, sitting or sleeping. This type of pain may be the result of muscle knots, muscle overuse, arthritis or a tumour. Other causes are also possible.

Loss of strength and/or numbness and tingling in the limbs. This may be caused by a pinched nerve, some nerve damage or a herniated disc.

Rather Early Than Too Late

We love life. And we believe that medical screenings can save lives. Let us support you and your well-being – come for a preventive check-up before complaints arise.

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MRI Examination of the Spine

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