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Do you have questions regarding our examinations, preparations, the findings or the quality and your safety? Scroll through our frequently asked questions. Maybe the answer to your question is already listed.

Our Total Body Scan® consists of three radiological examinations: MRI, ultrasound and an optional CT examination. MRI and ultrasound do not cause any side effects. The technology used here is magnetic fields and radio waves. A CT examination is performed using X-rays. We apply the so-called low-dose procedure to keep the radiation dose as low as possible.

The duration of our check-up varies from 1.5 to 5 hours and depends on the specific Total Body Scan® package you choose.

Please let us know when you make your appointment. We will try to find a good solution for you.

Diagnostic imaging procedures are not suitable for examining the gastrointestinal tract. A coloscopy or gastroscopy is better suited, as it provides more meaningful results.

The 3 Tesla machine provides images of organs and soft tissue that are more accurate than other types of MRI devices. Thus, a higher diagnostic certainty is possible. The examination time is cut in half and contributes to the patients’ sense of well-being. A scan takes about 30 minutes. The wide opening of the new Tesla-3 MRI machine offers greatly more comfort. Such a scan is no longer perceived as constricting even for patients with claustrophobia. This is achieved by variably adjustable lighting, music, and video projection. It is an intelligent solution meaning that the patient no longer has to look at the tube.

It is no problem if you carry implants or metal crowns in your mouth. However, you may get an MRI scan only after a waiting time of six weeks after placing the implants and/or crowns.

No, unfortunately not. Prescan only offers MRI examinations to people who are not pregnant.

It is safe to wear underwear, a t-shirt, sports pants, and socks. Please note: No metal whatsoever is allowed in any clothing. If your pants have a zipper, you may not wear them during your MRI examination. Important note for women: Underwired bras are not permitted to wear during an MRI scan. A sports bra without a fastener is a good alternative.

Please let us know if you carry such a device during the consultation. We will try to find a solution for you that fit your needs.

Jewellery can impede the scan and is thus forbidden during an MRI scan. We ask you to take off all jewellery before the examination.

Permanent make-up or tattoos must be older than twelve weeks. After that time they do not cause any problems in the MRI.

During the examination, the MRI machine is taking hundreds of images of your body. The scanner generates noise doing so. This noise is oftentimes compared to a construction site on which it is being built continually. To ensure that the noise doesn’t bother you as much we will provide headphones with music during the scan.

A computer tomography (CT) is a special X-ray examination to get cross-section images. It’s a good procedure to display organs and body structures. This cross-sectional diagnostic method offers greater clarity and more detail about internal organs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels than normal X-ray examinations. We perform CT examinations as Low or Low Low-Dose procedures. Both methods are low in radiation.

MRI scans are produced by a magnetic resonance scanner. It is a tube-shaped device equipped with electric coils which generate a pulsating magnetic field and radio waves. An MRI is especially useful in the examination of soft tissue like the brain, heart, breasts, and abdominal organs. It can also be used to check intervertebral discs, joints, muscles, and blood vessels. Unlike computer tomography (CT), the body is not exposed to any radiation.

Yes, you need to be fasting for the blood sampling, meaning you should not eat or drink anything on the day of your tests. You may, however, drink one glass of water. But no worries, we have scheduled breakfast for you afterwards.

That is no problem at all. Please let us know at the time you arrange your appointment. We are going to organise your examination program accordingly and give your already scheduled breakfast priority.

Usually, blood test results are regarded as current if they aren’t older than three months. You may bring current blood results with you; our physicians will take these into account.

Please let us know when you make your appointment. We will try to find a solution for you that fit your needs.

After the discussion of the findings, you will receive your images of the radiological examinations digitally, as well as a written final report.

Your examination takes place in Austria, all results are issued in German. If you wish, we will arrange the translation of your findings. Please note, that the translation is subject to additional costs.

Our independent, cooperating physicians know very well how to distinguish between serious abnormalities and harmless cases. Even if the result is negative, it is important to know. Thus, you can save precious time for treatment.

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