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MRI Examination of the Head/Skull

Analyse the cause of your headaches.

What Will Be Examined During an MRI of the Head?

With an MRI scan, we can visualise the inside of your head with all its bony components, soft tissue and vessels by using a magnetic field. We can thus clarify what is causing your headaches – without any risks to your body.

MRI Scan of the Head

An MRI scan can provide clarity about the cause of your headaches or, equally important, rule out certain causes. Headaches are often caused by long-term stress (tension headache), incorrect posture (muscle tension headache due to congested neck muscles) or as a symptom of the flu, sinusitis or other illnesses. Rarely, a headache may be a symptom of a process in your brain, such as a brain tumour or vascular aneurysm.

MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI scan allows physicians to take pictures of the inside of your body. The MRI scanner receives signals from the body via a large magnet and radio waves. These are converted into images by a computer.


Cluster headaches, migraines, or tension headaches are all forms of recurring headaches. The cause is often stress, psychological pressure, or incorrect posture.

Tinnitus is a form of hearing impairment. Affected people suffer from a beep, a whistling sound, a sound, or a buzz in their ears. Tinnitus can have many possible causes: loud noises, high blood pressure, an infection, or even a side effect of some medication.

Dizziness, the feeling that everything is spinning, and an unsteady feeling in the legs. Dizziness might be caused by issues with your organ of equilibrium, low blood pressure, cerebral infarction, arrhythmia, or anaemia.

Not being able to find the right words; saying something but meaning something else; mixing up letters and words. The underlying cause for such issues might be damage to the speech centre in the brain.

Rather Early Than Too Late

We love life. And we believe that medical screenings can save lives. Let us support you and your well-being – come for a preventive check-up before complaints arise.

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MRI Examination of the Head/Skull

This will be examined:

Examination duration
approx. 30 minutes
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