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MRI Examination of the Hip

Analyse hip complaints accurately and precisely.

What Will Be Examined During an MRI of the Hip?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field to take pictures of your hip joints and the surrounding tissue. These images make it possible for our physicians to accurately diagnose the causes of your hip joint pain and limited mobility of your hip.

MRI Scan of the Hip

Hip pain can stem from different reasons. The hip joint is subject to severe stress in the course of life, meaning that hip osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases. However, joint pain can also be caused by overworking the hip muscles, bursitis, or rheumatism. It is important to never ignore hip joint pain. If you stop moving around or start adopting a protective posture when sitting or walking to avoid pain in your hip joint, you will make the problem worse.

Don’t wait but rather get your hip pain checked out early. With an MRI of the hip, we can determine what is causing limited mobility and pain in the hip joint. Even though there is no cure for hip osteoarthritis or rheumatic disease, early treatment in the beginning stages can slow down the progression of the disease.

In addition, an MRI of the hip is used to prepare for possible surgery, i.e. the placement of an artificial joint. The images help to determine the shape and position of the artificial hip joint.

The following complaints can be a reason for an MRI examination of your hip:


Pressure pain in the hip can be caused by bursitis.

Reasons for hip pain include overstraining, hip instability, rheumatism, arthrosis, and in some cases a tumour in the hip joint.

Pain in the hip can radiate to the thigh or knee. It might be caused by a worn hip.

If hip complaints restrict your mobility, you might suffer from a worn hip joint (arthrosis).

Rather Early Than Too Late

We love life. And we believe that medical screenings can save lives. Let us support you and your well-being – come for a preventive check-up before complaints arise.

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MRI Examination of the Hip

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