Urological Examination

Urological Examination

In the early stage prostata cancer rarely causes any pain or symptomes.

Medical troubles (and therefore the patient’s urge to counsel a specialist) accur most often only until the cancer is in its advanced stages. But the sooner prostate cancer is diagnosed the better the prognosis.

The cause for prostate cancer is still matter of scientific research. However scientists are certain that some risk factors have a significant influence on developing prostate cancer. These risk factors are: family cancer history, elevated PSA* (Prostate-specific antigen) level, pain in the lower abdomen, problems with urination and men older than 40 years in general.

*Laboratory examination of PSA Parameter (prostate-specific antigen): We recommend sexual abstinence three days prior to your lab examination in order to not influence the significance of the PSA result.

The examination includes:

  • Consultation with urologist
  • Examination of the prostate gland
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys, the testicles, and the lower abdomen including residual bladder volume


At what age is an urological screening check being recommended?
Usually for men from the age of 50. In case of familial preload sooner!
How often should I undergo an investigation?
Usually, once a year.

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