Total Body Scan®

The Total Body Scan gives you an extensive picture of your body.

Skull and Brain

  • Risk of a stroke and cerebralhaemorrhage
  • Benign (good-natured) and malignant (unfavourable) tumours
  • Obstruction and changes in the forms of the major blood vessels

Brain supplying arteries

  • Obstruction and changes in the arteries that can lead to a stroke or cerebral haemorrhage.

Heart (depending on age and risk factors)

  • Calcification of the coronary arteries, which can lead to a heart attack
  • Risk ascertainment for the next five years
  • Infections of the heart muscle and pericardium

Lungs (depending on age and risk factors)

  • Tumours, Infections, Scar tissue
  • Emphysema or other pulmonary diseases

Upper abdomen

  • Evaluation of all the organs in the upper abdominal area (except for the stomach and intestines)
  • Check for tumours in the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys
  • Check for gall bladder and kidney stones
  • Check for cysts and lymph gland enlargements, Examination of the spleen
  • Examination of the aorta

Lower abdomen

  • Evaluation of all organs in the lower abdominal area
  • Evaluation of prostate (for men), uterus and ovaries (for woman)
  • Check for tumours and external changes
  • Check for cysts and lymph gland enlargements
  • Examination of pelvis
  • Evaluation of the lower spinal column (partially)

Total Body Scan® – A journey through your body.

The Total Body Scan starts with a medical interview, in which your medical history, possible current complaints as well as the examinations are being discussed with a doctor. A clinical examination (abdominal scanning, blood pressure measurement etc) completes the medical history. Subsequently, the investigations included in the Total Body Scan start (CT, MRT, Ultrasound)

Frequently Asked Questions about Total Body Scan®

Who is the Total Body Scan® suitable for?
For women and men from the age of 35 as a preventive examination, depending on a patients’ individual history and potential current medical conditions
Do the included investigations in the TBS cover my entire body?
The Total Body Scan® investigates organs and vessels from the apex all the way down to the hip. If you wish for more detailed information of your current health condition you may add examinations like laboratory and electrocardiogram.
Stomach and intestines are not included in the total body scan. These organs should be scanned by an additional colonoscopy or gastroscopy in order to discover potential undetected tumours.
Who determines the necessity of the investigations?
Initially, you will have an anamnesis in which your medical history is being analyzed and all investigations are being discussed with your attending physician and subsequently adapted to your state of health. The ultimate decision on the individual examinations is the responsibility of the medical doctor.
How long does the investigation last?
The Total Body Scan® requires approx. 3-4 hours, including an introductory anamnesis talk. The final discussion with your attending physician on the following day will take about 45 minutes.
A very detailed examination program with additional examinations like laboratory, skin cancer screening etc. may require 2 days. However, you will be informed about your timetable.
How long do I have to wait for the results?
The overall results of the tests within the Total Body Scans® are available the day after the investigations.
Am I exposed to X-ray radiation during the Total Body Scan®?
The CT examinations within the Total Body Scans® are carried out in the so-called low-dose method, you are are thus exposed to the lowest possible radiation possible. The decision as to whether this examination is necessary in your case is made in consultation with the attending physician.
I am suffering from claustrophobia. How narrow is the MRT tube?
Generally, an examination in the closed MRI device for people with claustrophobia may cause a problem. In this case, your examination will take place in an open MRI – device. Please let us know when registering.
How fast can I get an appointment
We are able to offer appointments within 2 weeks. Your wish is welcome!

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