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As a general director it is crucial for me to stay fit and healthAs a general director it is crucial for me to stay fit and healthy. I have great responsibility towards my employees and business partners. Elisabeth Frey

General Director, Auto Frey

Prescan is First Class Service: quick, efficient and friendly. Josef Hickersberger

Former Coach of the Austrian National Football Team

Thanks for your fast help. Your Service was very impressing and I’m thrilled that I’d didn’t have to wait anywhere. Such a luxury! I wish you all the best for the future. I’ll be back regularly – see you soon. Best reagards. David F.

General Director

I have been a client at Prescan on a yearly basis since 2010, but on a 3-monthly basis since 12/2012 due to a tumor discovered via Total Body Scan. I can only praise with positive experience the company, its employees and the staff in Rudolfinerhaus. I still have not realised how greatful I am to Total Body Scan that the tumor was diagnosed at an early stage without any symptoms. I was operated, and treated by the excellent personnel of the Rudolfinerhaus in 07/2013. I am following my 3-monthly recurrent checks coordinated by Prescan since then, and all I can say that all your needs, wishes, special circumstances are always served during their work. I can only recommend Prescan to any other patients. Adrienn

I’m undergoing the Total Body Scan® in order to find out how healthy I really am. In the business world, an analysis of the status-quo is common practice. People want to know how their company is actually doing. I wanted to know the same thing about my health, and was pleasantly surprised. Not just by the fact that they didn’t find anything wrong but by the whole set-up: state-of-the-art technology, the advantages of a private clinic, doctors who really care and an incredibly friendly healthcare team. Keep up the good work!”

Otmar Paugger

Tax Adviser

I came to Prescan on May 8th 2012, having failed to obtain any relief from very high cervical neck pain. Which I had during 5 days vacation in the UK. From the time I met the Team at their excellent Prescan company, my condition was identified within one day, and treated with an operation at the clinic. Within 2 weeks of discharge from hospital, I was back at work and fully operational. This would not have been possible anywhere else! I can not thank Prescan enough – your friendly , professional and superb service has freed me from pain and returned me to health within weeks, – ohterwise it would have been months. Thank you – I have recommended you to professional and personal contacts in Austria and many other countries. Liam Coughlan

The World Bank

As a referee I must react and judge correctly within seconds. So 100 % health and fitness is an absolute must! Kurt Neuwirth

International Referee of the Austrian Ice Hockey Association

It’s a satisfying feeling to have been checked from head to toe. This comprehensive check-up is inspiring. Mag. Alexandra Picker-Rußwurm

PR Consultant

Time is crucial for me. Prescan enables an extensive check-up within short time and gives detailed information on my state of health. Michaela Frey

General Director, Auto Frey

We heard from Prescan from a colleague who greatly recommended the service to have a full check-up. The multilingual skills of the personnel, the professionalism of the medical staff within a very well-known and equipped private clinic in Vienna make them a great option not only for the check-ups but also for the regular medical visits and follow-up.

Alexandra Olvera

VP Business Development, Kühne + Nagel Eastern Europe AG

“Dealing consciously with my life – I had already been doing that before, but now I found out once again why this is so important. And if I happen to forget that, then I still have the images that they gave me to take home at the end of the check-up program: a CD-ROM with all the images, including my favourite: the 3D rotating picture of the carotid arteries that carry blood to my brain, two giant luminous pipelines that branch off into ever-smaller vessels.” Thomas Pelzel


A concerned friend asked me a few days before my examination: “Do you really want to know? Maybe there’s something wrong with you.” I told her that of course I wanted to know so that there will be time to do something about it. “Naturally, it’s just a snapshot and something can always crop up, but the results were a real relief. They didn’t find anything wrong!” Liesbet Vandebroek

Director of Tourism, Office Flanders and Brussels

Thanks for the quick and easy examination program. Everything was well organized and the doctors were more than helpful. M. Daniel

Everything about prescan was professional, friendly and first class. I totally recommend Prescan. They are thorough and the follow up discussion is clear and comprehensible. Bob C.

Wonderful service! Thanks for organizing everything so smoothly! I’m relieved that the docotor was able to find the right medication. Janet Jones

I had wanted to undergo an extensive examination program for some time. Just to know what my health status is. A colleague of mine suggested Prescan and I received an appointment within a week. I was accompanied by Mrs. Brigitta which was a great help considering my missing German knowledge. The final talk with Dr. Homan was very interesting. We had a virtual tour through my body on the flat screen. Image after image! Very fascinating! Rasvan O.

I was impressed by the professional service accompanying the medical treatment. As a foreigner it’s quite difficult to find English speaking doctors here in Vienna. And having all of them at one place and at one meeting saves a lot of time. Your checkup was efficient and I now have an extensive picture of my health and where I stand. I’ll be back. Gary P.

Dear All, I would like to send a special Thanks to all of you, for your interest and warm hospitality we have seen during our visit to Vienna to conduct the necessary medical examinations for my wife. Please convey my best regards to all Prescan staff, they really showed a very good example of a professionalism and courteous, and we are very glad to know all of you. wishing you all the best and hope to see you again. Eltaher E.

I thought I had arthrosis. The MRI really did reveal degeneration of my hips, but it also detected a tumour in my large intestine. That was a big surprise! Since then, I’ve had a section of my ­intestines surgically removed. Fortunately, the other tissue and lymph nodes were not affected. If I hadn’t had the Total Body Scan®, I would still be running around with that tumour!” Stef Loos

In 1 – 2 % of the cases we find something serious, like a tumour in the kidneys or lungs. We also regularly detect circulatory problems or slipped discs, as well as abnormal levels of cholesterol or blood sugar, for example.” Dr. Gunter Klass

Chief Consultant, Mathias Hospital

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