Skin Cancer Screening

The skin is the largest organ of the body and often not protected sufficiently from the sun.

Some melanomas (skin cancer) develop from possible present birth marks. In most cases a melanoma will first spread in the upper layer of the skin. In this phase, a check-up and identification is of utmost importance. Recovery is often possible if the melanoma is removed surgically. The earlier a melanoma is identified and treated, the smaller the surgical operation will be. And of course, healing has a much better chance.

The MoleMax II a digital epiluminescence microscopy allows the dermatologist an insight into the upper layer of the skin. This method exposes the skin to polarised light which is not reflected by the skin surface allowing the deeper layers where the pigment cells lie, to become visible. Suspicious skin sites are scanned and memory stored for future controlling. Thus the dermatologist has a fundamentally easier diagnostic system which in turn encourages the early diagnoses of malignant melanoma. This non-invasive diagnostic system is not only pain-free but the patient may also observe the image on the screen.

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