Price List

We want our clients to be informed about the costs prior to their stay!

Below you will find a summary of our price list covering the most common examinations. But of course we will gladly prepare a quotation for your individual check-up program performed by your favored physicians and medical specialists.

Main examination programs
Total Body Scan®1,620.00 euros
Laboratory examination (blood, stool, urine)   275.00 euros
Laboratory examination including hormone status (blood, stool, urine)   495.00 euros
Cardio Program Plus   410.00 euros
Urological examination   240.00 euros
Gynecological examination (including cytological results)   435.00 euros
Breast cancer screening (mammography)   315.00 euros
Skin cancer screening   245.00 euros
Endoscopic colonoscopy (colon cancer) including anesthesia   860.00 euros
Gastroscopy including anesthesia   760.00 euros
Brain Fit (as a supplement to the Total Body Scan®)   635.00 euros
Brain Fit   995.00 euros
Doctor's talk

Doctor counseling                                                                                                             

   240.00 euros  
Individual examinations in the MRI scanner (magnetic resonance tomography)
MRI angiography (with contrast agent)780.00 euros
MRI angiography of cervical vessels (with contrast agent)465.00 euros
MRI for example of shoulder, hip, knee465.00 euros
MRI of neck and thoracic spine780.00 euros
MRI of lumbar spine465.00 euros
MRI of skull465.00 euros
MRI of spine860.00 euros


Individual examinations in CT scanner (computer tomography)
CT of cardiac and coronary arteries (with contrast agent)680.00 euros
CT measurement of bone thickness280.00 euros
CT of lung395.00 euros
CT of sinuses395.00 euros
CT of abdomen (upper and lower abdomen)530.00 euros

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