Laboratory examination

Some diseases are not reliably exposed with the Total Body Scan®.

A more complete picture of your health can be obtained with additional laboratory testing. A blood test for blood lipids, blood sugar, PSA*, etc., and tests for glucose and blood in the urine, and blood in the stool are of great value.

*Laboratory examination of PSA Parameter (prostate-specific antigen): We recommend sexual abstinence three days prior to your lab examination in order to not influence the significance of the PSA result.


Do I need to be sober for taking the bloodtest?

Yes, the bloodtest should be carried out soberly, meaning you have to come fasted (not having eaten) on that day.
Of course, you are allowed to take fluids, ideally a glas of water. Do not worry, a meal is included in our service.

I’m suffering from circulatory problems and cannot stay sober for a long time.
Please inform the staff about this when registering so that our staff is able to schedule your examinations and coordinate your meal.
I recently had a blood test, do I have to do this again?

Blood tests are considered as current, if they are not older than 3 months.
If you have current blood tests, you can bring them with you and your attending physician will include it in his assessment.

I am diabetic, how can the blood collection be organized?
Our staff will be glad to help you to find an individual solution for you.

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