Preventive Examinations

Total Body Scan®Basic

3 Tesla MRI: skull, angiography, cervical spine, upper and lower abdomen
CT (LowLow Dose): Calcium Score (heart), thorax
Ultrasound: carotid artery, thyroid

Total Body Scan®Basic at the price of €1,520.
For bookings made by the end of May, the additional administration fee of €45 is waived.

What is examined during a Total Body Scan® Basic?

The Total Body Scan® Basic uses the technologies 3 Tesla MRI and ultrasound to examine your major organs and blood vessels. Finally, your lungs/thorax are thoroughly checked using CT (Low Low-Dose).

Content and Procedure of the Total Body Scan® Basic

Our Total Body Scan® Basic is a medical check-up consisting of radiological examinations MRI, CT, and ultrasound. With this thorough and time-saving check-up, you gain a comprehensive insight into your current health status in just a half day.

The Total Body Scan® Basic is suitable for people aged 40 and above as an overall health check-up, mainly to prevent strokes and heart attacks but also to examine major organs in the upper and lower abdomen.

This screening consists of the same procedures as all our other Total Body Scan® packages, including anamnesis and a discussion of the findings. The Total Body Scan® Basic is exclusively carried out at our partner institute Millenium Diagnostik in 1200 Vienna.

Prescan will take care of the organisation of your appointment as well as the administrative handling. At the facility, you will be attended by the staff of Millenium Diagnostik who will focus on time-saving procedures and our usual quality of services.

You will discuss all results personally with our cooperating doctors of Millenium Diagnostik in Vienna. Also, the download of your digital results and images is very easy: you will receive a password for our Radiology Online portal.

Content and Procedure of the Total Body Scan® Basic

Our independent cooperating physicians on-site devote plenty of time to take a detailed medical history and discuss your current health status and any health complaints. At the facility, you will be attended by the staff of Millenium Diagnostik. You can expect the same level of services as with Prescan. They will focus on time-saving procedures and high quality.

With the help of an MRI, changes like tumours, cerebral infarction, bleeding, and inflammation can be detected early on. Your carotid artery will be checked for calcification and other changes that can lead to cerebral infarction or brain haemorrhage. Doctors will examine your cervical spine and look for conditions like herniated discs, trauma, constrictions, wear and tear, and cervical spine syndrome. They will also thoroughly check your upper and lower abdomen.

The 3 Tesla MRI stands for more speed, patient comfort and higher clinical reliability. It has a significantly higher resolution which enables better image quality and consequently higher diagnostic reliability. The wide opening of the new Tesla-3 MRI machine offers greatly more comfort. An MRI examination is thus no longer perceived as constricting even for patients with claustrophobia. This is achieved by variably adjustable lighting, music, and video projection. It is an intelligent solution meaning that the patient no longer has to look at the tube. The examination time is also halved and contributes to your sense of well-being.

With a CT scan of the thorax, our physicians are able to diagnose chronic lung disease (COPD), pneumonia, a lung tumour, or a blocked blood vessel in the direction of the lungs (pulmonary embolism). If indicated, a cardiac CT (calcium score) is performed to examine possible calcifications of the coronary vessels. We employ a Low Low Dose procedure with our CT scans. It is an examination with a minimum radiation dose and complies with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

We check your carotid artery and thyroid thoroughly using ultrasound. The ultrasound waves reflected by the tissue make it possible to visualise the tissue structure and detect any changes.

The results of the examination will be discussed with you in detail during a consultation with the physicians of Millennium Diagnostik. Our cooperating doctors devote their time to you.

You can download your digital results and images from our Radiology Online portal with a password.

Georg Haury
Executive Manager Prescan GmbH

Since 2005, we at Prescan have been working hard to provide easily accessible preventive health care enabling you to stay healthy longer.
I am pleased to present a preventive care programme, which is carried out in cooperation with our partner, Millennium Diagnostik in Vienna.
The Total Body Scan® Basic is a check-up in the usual Prescan quality but at a very attractive price.

Doz. Dr. Bernhard Partik

Millennium Diagnostik

Preventive health care is important to detect and treat diseases early before they worsen or become chronic.
The higher magnetic field strength of the 3 Tesla MRI machine allows for higher spatial resolution and better detail detection, resulting in better image quality.
This allows examinations to be performed more quickly, resulting in shorter examination times.

Content and Price

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Total Body Scan®Basic

This will be examined:

Duration of
the Examinations
approx. 2 hours
Written findings

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