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Premium Check-Up After a COVID-19 Infection

Did you have Covid-19? Get your health status checked for any long-term consequences.

Total Body Scan® Premium: The Best Follow-Up Care After a Corona Infection.

Our extensive check-up offers an insight into your health status after an active infection. We identify possible long-term consequences and make appropriate therapy suggestions. All examinations take place on one day.

A Thorough Medical Check-Up After an Infection

A corona infection can take different courses with different impacts on your body. Various organs can suffer long-term consequences, for instance, lung, kidney, or heart – to name just a few. Consequential symptoms can last months after the infection; we call that long covid.

The possible symptoms of long covid are manifold and include exhaustion (fatigue syndrome), shortness of breath, palpitations, headaches, poor circulation, sleep disorders, anxiety, memory and concentration disorders.

An extensive medical check-up helps you feel safe after an active infection. Our Total Body Scan® Premium is the ideal complete body check-up for you. Book your appointment today.

After all examinations, one of our physicians talks you through all medical results and offers appropriate therapy suggestions if needed.

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Premium Check-Up After a COVID-19 Infection

This will be examined:

Examination duration
3 to 4 hours
Written findings

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Get a Quick and Reliable Insight into Your Health Status.

What can you expect when you book a medical check-up at Prescan? We have compiled everything step by step; from admission and scheduling an appointment to reporting of findings and follow-up care.


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